Wednesday, May 28

Taqueria Huentitan

Taqueria Huentitan

My coworker Charlie, and his better half Cassie, turned me on to this new little jalisco place at the corner of Manor and Loyola called Taqueria Huentitan . It is your average Texas strip mall restaurant and like most strip mall restaurants it had informative, clearly labeled front windows displaying the restaurants specialties and a very low-key interior including handwritten specials and agave posters on the walls and the customary TV-in-the-corner featuring the Tela Novela du jour. So yes, everything you are looking for in a legit Texas strip mall taqueria.

The Green Salsa..ask for it!

Today we decided to sample several of their items and fillings. Here are our findings:

  • Chips/Salsas - The chips were store bought and a little stale and the table salsa was blah, not much going on, but the two other salsa's were excellent. There was a spicy flavorful red salsa that had plenty of heat and a very nice texture, and a spicy, smoky, pureed jalapeno salsa that reminded me of Los Jaliscienses' green sauce.
  • Fillings - Al Pastor (very good, seasoned perfectly), Carne Gusida (Moist, but not much flavor), Barbacoa (really tasty, smoky, excellent), Fajita (soggy, fatty, stay away), Avocado (fresh, nice)
  • Beans/Rice/Potatoes - The beans were watery, but they did have some flavor and the rice was okay. The potatoes, on the other hand, were outstanding. They were flavorful and had a crisp crust and the perfect texture.
  • Items - Tostada (stale shell, no thanks), Tacos (Corn and Flour Tortillas were store bought, but decent), Migas (bland, no texture, cheese was chewy), Combo Plate (Nice portions for the price and loaded with fresh avacado)

Al Pastor and Avacado Tacos

All-in-all it is a pretty decent taqueria, nothing special, but they did have a few great things. Stay away from the tostadas and table salsa and stick with the potatoes, al pastor and barbacoa tacos and combo plates...and ask for the green salsa!

Taqueria Huentitan - 3 stars - jarod
4700 E Loyola


Anonymous said...

I ordered take-out breaskfast tacos the other day and must say they were delicious. The portions were large and the salsa was good. I would easily compare them to the infamous Tamale House, except cheaper and bigger.

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Taco search... what a good idea!

Mexican food is so tasty and colorful that we can easily forget about weight loss diets.

Dylan said...

My coworkers are absolutely obsessed with the tortilla soup with chicken they have here. You can get a quart for $4, apparently. (Perhaps more appropriate for soupjournalism.)

Anonymous said...

This is our local. My husband gets the Carne Asada plate. It's huge. I agree about tho potatoes. Recently, I tasted my kid's plain cheese quesadilla & it was amazingly good.

The tortilla chips are so gross, always.

Anonymous said...

first of all i would like to thank y'all for Ur comments and yes i am the come in and try our food today because we did some huge changes.