Wednesday, March 12

Nuclear Tacos - Holy Crap!

Yeah, I said it! and tasted them too. Man, they totally blew me away and I consider myself a true fan of the "cah-li-ente!" foods! So I went to the SXSW Nuclear Taco Party on Monday because I love torture. So they're pretty basic tacos, kinda like going to Taco Hell but with a twist - Habanero puree for the flavor-they say, and an amazing amount of red savinas (Note: Jalapeños are about 5K-50K Scoville Units hot; Red Savinas are about 300-500K S.U. of hotness!) So yeah, one bite did do me in but I kept on going. The hotness engulfed my mouth, not so much like a jalapeño (bite gets you on the lips and tip of the tongue) or thai peppers (hits you in the back of the mouth) or chile de arbol which just makes you pissed off (at the food and the person who made you eat them) but in a whole new way! Man, I was lucky they were serving free beers. I was a trooper so I kept on going to my second juan. By the end, I was a little pissed off (at those nuclear taco making muthasuckas!) but all in all, I truly enjoyed the experience (yeah, I'm LOCO like dat!). I'll tell you this, it didn't make me dizzy or want to faint (only had that happened once a few years ago - warning stay away from Habanero Extract!) so that's a good thing. The Ice Cream Man totally helped too. I went back for seconds!

I hear they have ongoing Nuclear Taco Parties so ya'll should check them out, if you have the cajones!

Nuclear Tacos - 4 Estrellas!
El Mundo de Mando

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Anonymous said...

The parties are an ongoing thing. First Wednesday of every month. You can check the afore mentioned web site for more information and location. FYI, this being First Wed. there is indeed a party tonight, if anyone is so inclined to come.