Thursday, January 31

Warning! Stay away from Hospital Tacos!

I know I shouldn't have but I had no choice; my baby was sick, I was sleep deprived (30 hours!) and my cyst aka my back nipple was about to burst! So I did it. I ate tacos at the Brackenridge Hospital cafeteria. Yes, I was disappointed, Yes I felt like barfing, Yes, they were over $2.00, but at least it kept me going for the next 24 hours....then my compa Tab delivered some goodness from the Magic Taco Box! Ahh, relief.

Lesson Learned: Hold out until your friends can deliver good tacos - don't settle for hospital food.

Ixchel on the up'n'up! Yay!

It was a long and very stressful week but we're all better now. On to the next taqueria!

El Mundo de Mando

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