Monday, December 31

5 Steps to Make Homemade Tamales - El Mundo de Mando Stylezz!

During the holidays, I did nothing but eat and worked hard on my new catch phrase - "Relax Strong." This encompasses "couching," eating and drinking, among other non-physical straining activities. By the way, this will prally be the biggest hit of 2008! So as I was "relaxing strong," I thought about sharing El Mundo de Mando's version of making tamales. Here are the 5 very easy steps....

Step 1: Bring relatives that live as close to the Mexican border as you can to your casa, including One Master Tamalera (that's my Tia Olga in the pink) and lots of helpers....

Los Garcias y Rayos

Step 2: Make sure you have enough meat!

Fernando massaging the carne

Step 3: Lots of strong hands to mix up the maza...

Step 4: Vegetarians pitching in to make pork tamales....priceless!

Ixchel (la vegetariana), Mi Tia Olga and Annette

Ya Mero!

Step 5: Cookiandolos in 2 1/2 hours and they're ready to eat!

The best part of this process was that fact that I didn't have to do much besides....Relax Strong! How about you? How did you "relax strong" over the holidays????

Happy New Year! --El Mundo de Mando


Anonymous said...

Good one Uncle Mando!


Texan in UAE said...

my fav is bean!!! My Tia has a saying," never go to the bathroom when making tamales" I have no idea why she says this.. Hey! I can look it up online... LOL Now my daughter is browsing your site. LOL drooling. I guess I miss, TEXAS! waaaaahhhh ya ya and the family... LOL