Tuesday, September 25

Porfirio's Tacos Southside Representin'

This is a quick update for our down south peeps. Jarod just informed me that you can get Porfirios Tacos from a stand at the corner of Manchaca and Redd on the Southside. He informed me by dropping a taco off at my desk. Whatta guy.

As you may have read before, I started my love affair with Porfirios by eating pre-made tacos from a mobile truck that drove around downtown. The stand sells the same pre-made items. Obviously, a freshly made taco is always ideal, but a pre-made Porfirios taco featuring their signature jalapeno salsa is still a very excellent thing, especially if you are in a hurry.

Cornbiter Deluxe


Hazmat Is Fun said...

Ah, life in South Austin just got better. I love Porfiro's salsa and cherizo.

Jamie said...

Any idea where that downtown truck may be stopping nowadays? I work in and around the Travis County Courthouse, and Porfirio's hasn't come by in years.

Is the truck still making stops in 78701, and if so, where and when?


Betty said...

The new City Hall has only "designer" tacos and other "designer" foods nearby. I so miss my Porfirios truck. How about a truck coming to City Hall? PLEASE??

Anonymous said...

right at 7th st and 35, in the moblie parking lot

Anonymous said...

Jul7 2008,
Porfirio's truck is between the Travis Building and the LBJ building. Near 17th and Brazos.

Anonymous said...

Also located @ Brodie between Wm. Cannon and Slaughter behind Shipley donuts