Tuesday, August 21

Have you seen this Taco Truck?

Taco-eater Bret has lost his favorite taco truck. Read his detailed description and leave a comment if you know where it might be parked these days...

My favorite taco truck has gone missing! Thing is, it had prolly the Best Beef Fajita in the city! Another specialty of this truck, and what might help me/you/your-loyal-readers/us find it and it's proprietor again, is the fact that the menu had two "a la ranchera" tacos available. The chicken or beef fajitas, could be ordered a la ranchera, fajita meat with a sauteed tomato/onion/jalapeno concoction tossed on it.

The truck WAS at the corner of goodwin and airport, in the parking lot of a mom and pop foodmart until three months ago when the foodmart decided to get into the taco business too, (horrible breakfast tacos, under-cooked grossness) thereby making the taco vendor move on. (I asked, they don't know where.)

Other distinguishing features of this generic white taco truck, an old white-haired hispanic man with a mustache runs/owns it, he is there most of the time, always two 16-20 yr old generic taco ladies, and it works the construction crowd, 6am-1pm monday thru friday only. The owner tows the trailer with a big white truck, that is usually parked close to the trailer. Easy to spot, in a drive-by situation.

But for real, the marinade and spicyness on this guy's beef fajitas was the signature of this taco truck. The absolute SHIT! And worth seeking out. I swear to God, the best beef fajita I have found north of Kingsville.

Please help me find my taco truck with the best beef fajita in town.

Help me Obi-Wan. Your my only hope.

May the taco be with you young cornbiter.

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