Tuesday, March 17

Support Austin Tacos: ATX Taco Map in response to #CoronaVirus

People of Austin, Texas. You love tacos, we love tacos. We also don't want to catch the #CoronaVirus or Modelo Farts! Seriously, wash your hands. We put together an ATX Taco Map in response to the social distancing we must do but that doesn't mean we can't support local taqueros, cocineras, small businesses, taco trucks and trailers. You can do your part by doing the following...

  • Order take-out and delivery only (please no dine-in!) 
  • Buy now, eat later. Gift certificates or gift cards are great ways to support local.  
  • Order your 3 de Asada but make it a double or triple! 
  • Por libra! Get it by the pound and pay for extra tortillas. You can even freeze it for later, y'know, the Mexican way. 
  • Instead of free salsa containers, pay for jar-full of your favorite salsas! 
  • Get all the breakfast tacos! Y'know you want them. 
  • Leave a big fat tip!!! 

Check out the #ATXTacoMap & Share-alo! Stay away from the people and #SupportAustinTacos!

Don't see your favorite taco shop? Add it to el mapa! Props Gerald Flores @TacoGear for the design.

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