Friday, March 9


This is a TACO SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! We created the SXSW Taco Map with 30 go-to taco joints for your eating pleasure! We've eaten at all these taco joints, taquerias, trailers, trucks and mom & pop shops so yes, these are TacoJournalism approved. Sorry no gringo tacos here, no hotel tacos, no commercial tacos, no college tacos and no downtown tacos. So if you like the real deal tacos, hit these places up!

Stay hungry mi amigos!
Tacos of Texas

P.S. Hit us up for the Airbnb Austin Taco Tour on Saturday, March 10 at 10:30am. Register here.

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Unknown said...

#1 Loving the PBS docuseries!
#2 Upgrade your website or get an APP!!!!
#3 Can we have a list just for taco trucks open Sunday mornings???? ~Hours of available for any taco truck in austin would be amazing!

So glad I heard your story on NPR. Keep up the great work!