Tuesday, February 14

Gas Station Tacos: Taqueria Huentitan

Like most people, I'm a little weary of tacos with a side gasolina fumes. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about gas station tacos as long as they're legit, y'know with real taqueras behind the counter. When I went into the Highland Market aka Exxon gas station, I had a hunch the taqueria in there was the real deal. Not only from the smells, but from the taco ladies serving it up and a nice-er menu that most gas stations. I took my friend Adam was like "I don't know Mando, I haven't had good luck eating at gas stations." I reassured him and reminded him who was taking him out for tacos. And then he said, "Oh Palabra."

Mira, El Menu!

So here's the deal. Taqueria Huentitan is inside the Highland Market/Exxon gas station next to the In and Out Burger. Yeah, skip the cheap burgers and go to Whataburger (obviously) or go inside the market to get some goody tacos. Once inside the market, go through the beef jerky aisle and take a quick left at the Doritos. You'll find 2, I repeat only 2 seats. Sit down and order the barbacoa and carnitas tacos. I kid you not, these are some of the sweetest barbacoa tacos in town. The salsas are spicy, green and red and the nachos with fajitas are tasty as well. Finish it off with a fountain drink and you're set for the rest of the day.
Barbacoa and Carnitas

You're Welcome.
Mando, The TacoJournalist

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