Saturday, June 25

Taco Map: The Iconic Tacos of Texas

For our upcoming libro, The Tacos of Texas, we've done muy important research; we discovered and rediscovered different parts of Texas, all in the name of tacos. From South Texas to West Texas, if people were making tacos, we were there to eat them. No tacos were left untouched. And, yes, Texas does have a ton of taco options, and as we drove thousands of miles for The Tacos of Texas, we found that each region has different flavors and styles and the taco that everyone loves. Way back when we got our contract with UT Press, we set out to do a taco map for the book. It took us a while to develop the content and thanks to Tanya Ramirez, our taco design intern, we have the ultimate taco map all mapped out for you! Ladies and gentlemen, cowboys y vaqueros, These are The Iconic Tacos of Texas!

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