Wednesday, April 11

For processed cheese, go to Dos Hermanos

It was not my taco night. Saturday evening is a good time to eat tacos on East 6th Street. You have plenty of choices - Pueblo Viejo, Selene Tacos, Veracruz Taco House and unfortunately for all of us, we also have Dos Hermanos. These taco joints are all located in the food trailer parks in the hottest side of town, according to los hipsters - East Austin. La familia cruised down to get some good grub - gotta feed Preggers McGee y'know. Naturally, I was drawn to the newest taco trailer on the strip - Dos Hermanos. It was right up my alley, grungy, nice taco pics on the menu and family owned.

As I was looking at the menu, I was drawn to the creamy green salsa that was on the photo menu display. Yes, that Austin green salsa. I was like "yes let me have that!" Turns out they didn't have it and the photos didn't necessarily represent the food they served either. Que Trip'ao! That's "what a trip!" for you non Spanglish speakers and soon to be inducted into catchy phrase categories such as WTF, Duh and No Doy!

I ordered probably the dryest carnitas and beef fajita tacos I've ever had from a teenager that later went to a make-out session in the alley where we parked. Actually, the carnitas were okay, not great just okay. They did have a nice crispy texture. They were both topped with lots of pre-grated processed cheese, kinda like the one you get at a convenience store that reads "Fiesta Cheese." The fajita was so dry, not even the process cheese helped smooth things over. While the tacos weren't bland, the mix of spices just didn't help either. It was as if the spices were cooked separately and were just added to the carne in the re-heating process. All that and they are charging dollas a pop! No bueno.

So what was I supposed to do? Go to the taco trailer next to it of course! I'm sorry but Dos Hermanos had me craving for some real good tacos -  Veracruz Taco House. VTH also runs Veracruz All Natural and these sisters make some fresh tacos. That's their thing - All Natural with fresh ingredients and avocado on every friggin' taco. I kinda didn't read that on the menu and if you know me, y'know that I'm allergic to avocados. It's the curse I have to live with as a Taco Journalist. So no fresh tacos for me. :( DAMN YOU FRESH INGREDIEEEENTS!

I actually did take a bite and had to counteract the avocado poison with salsa shots and it worked. I'm still alive!

Dos Hermanos - 1 Star
East 6th Street Food Trailer Park
East 6th and Waller

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Alit said...

My sister in law lives in california, she´s mexican and love tacos. i gonna tell you this place you wrote she is gonna be there