Friday, November 19

La Victoria - No Assembly Line Tacos Here

Every time I go to a taco joint and notice their "assembly line" way of makingtacos, I just wanna tell 'em, "Stop hanging out con Los Lazies!" For reals! It doesn't take much to hook up some pretty good tacos and let the sabores mix as as they're prepared. Y'know who I'm talking about. Anywaysss. Now you don't have to eat or hang out con Los Lazies anymore cuz La Victoria Bakery on Burnet Road hooks up some pretty good tacos - no assembly line required.

I ordered chorizo con huevos and my go to breakfast taco - egg, bean and bacon, as well as a carnitas taco. As you can see from the pic, there is a FULL INTEGRATION of ingredients in my breakfast tacos. And when you cook up tacos todo mixiados, the sazon really comes out! Of course, it also helps that they make fresh tortillas and pan dulce to go along with your tacos. The carnitas taco was good but not really my style. It seemed to be prepared in a crockpot rather than in an hoya full of pig fat. Just sayin'. The best part of this taco experience was the price. You can't beat $1.10 tacos served up sin Los Lazies!

La Victoria Bakery - 3.75 Stars - El Mundo de Mando


Anonymous said...

How's the Menudo??

friday said...

Their barbacoa and Al Pastor are excellent. Add some of their kickin' green salsa and you're in for a treat. Love this place.

Mando Rayo said...

Cool! Still need to try their menudo.