Thursday, August 26

Hatch Chile Relleno Tacos - Poblanos can suck it!


Das right! Hatch Chiles are in town, shipped from the great enchanted state of New Mexico (Wait, there's NEW Mexico???). Yes! And these chiles are gewd! You can satuee them, fry them, pot pie them, stew them, enchilada them, quesadilla them, burrito them and yes, you can also taco them.
My favorite way to taco these hatch chiles is to batter & stuff 'em with cheese, onions and fry them up! I try to make the real deal chile rellenos with hatch chiles every year and totally get annoyed by everyone in Texas who makes chile rellenos out of poblano peppers - laaaame! Anyjuaysss. I like to prepare them with my go-to espices - garlic, oregano and black pepper. I like to keep things simple-simplon. I usually pick out big, juicy chiles (that's what she said!) and roast them on a comal or my disqueador. I've been a bit busy with a new baby and job (yes, I know, congratulations to me) so I just bought the pre-roasted ones at Central Market. And that was my first mistake. The chiles ended up being muy pequeños, almost twix like and I wasn't able to stuff them properly. So I improvised. I envisioned the chile version of the oreo double stuff. Instead of stuffing them, I battered two at a time and added a thick layer of fresh cheese and onions in between. It was a bit tricky but I managed to keep them together. On a low flame, I lightly fried them to a golden heeeewwww and let some of the cheese spill over to get the crunchies - I love a toasty (or fried) cheesy!

I also prepared the Mexican mayonnaise for tacos - beans - cooked with garlic, salt, onions and bacon, of course. I warmed up mini corn tortillas (I like to call them callejeras), lathered on the refried beans and just let the chile relleno and it's counter parts make sweet taco love. Then I ate them - all six of them.

Overall, they turned out muy delicioso. Next time, I won't hang out con Los Lazies and pick and roast the chiles myself.

Tan tan!

Chile Rellenos by El Mundo de Mando - 5 Stars - Hell yeah, I'm gonna rate myself!


Mandy said...

I loved this post, it cracked me up so I even linked to it from Facebook. What is Mexican mayonnaise? Where do you find mini corn tortillas?

Mando Rayo said...

Coolio! I call beans the Mexican Mayonnaise. You can also get the mini torts at La Michoacana on E. 7th. Thanks for the taco love!

Anonymous said...

I so agree. I'm originally an El Pasoan. When I came to San Antonio I found that almost all the chile rellenos were made with those crappy thick fleshed, flavorless poblanos.
I missed the RIGHT way to do rellenos. CHIMAYOS!!! The crappy Californian poblano craze has taken over from L.A. to NYC. Even here! I thought that there was only one way to do rellenos. When you leave far west Texas and southern New Mexico you leave great Mexican cuisine behind. Chimichangas with hamberger instead of steak etc. Yuck!