Friday, July 2

Casitas Tacos - No Trendy Strip Mall Tacos Please

You've seen all these little strip malls that are trying to be cool y todo Austin just because they have a coffee shops and trendy stores right? Well, they are still strip malls. So what happens when you add tacos to the trendy mix? You get bad tacos and that's what I got at Casitas Tacos. (FYI for good tacos, go to the strip malls with laundromats y tacos)

As I was saying, Casitas Tacos is on a South Lamar strip mall that wants to be the next "cool neighborhood spot," pero no! I had the migas taco and a bean, egg and bacon taco. They were both muy plentiful, the tacos were overfilled with huevos, frijoles y chips. That was about the only good thing about these tacos. The migas taco was bland and full of factory bought chips accompanied by store bought tortillas. The bean, egg and bacon was no better. I use a BEAN-METER to tell if a place has good food. This one did not pass. Someone needs tell these peeps to add onions, ajo or at least salt to their beans (Oh, I just did!). They we're pretty skimpy with the bacon as well. I also tried their salsa label HOT - NOT! Their green salsa must of been made of bell peppers or mibbe they were going for Gringo hot??? I don't know but what I do know is that was the first and last time I go to Casitas Taco. The end.

Casitas Tacos - 1 Estar - El Mundo de Mando

2310 South Lamar
Austin, TX 78704



Hair Thingies said...

Is that supposed to be a taco? Pobresito.

Awesomely Mike said...

Cool review. Must get Taco for lunch now!

Awesomely Mike said...

Cool review. Must get Taco for lunch now!

Anonymous said...

Puro pocho.

lara dunston said...

Hey guys! How are you doing?

We've just posted the interview we did with you on Grantourismo

Taking tacos seriously: Taco Journalism and the Taco Mafia

Thanks again for your time!

Lara & Terry

Mando Rayo said...

Thanks for the good times, Lara & Terry!