Friday, April 9

Cisco's: It's all in the biscuits!

One of the nice things about living in East Austin is it's history, feel and old school Mexican joints. We like to go to Joe's Bakery and Cisco's from time to time. These places are historic. They've been around since the 50's, for reals! In the midst of all the changes happening in East Austin, new hipster bars, overpriced food trailers and crazy housing prices in the area, it's a nice thing to know that we still have these restaurants that "keep it real" in the Eastside.

Cisco's is one of the classics. Even though we've reviewed the place already, I wanted to give you another reason to eat at Cisco's while we still have it. Word on the street is that it's up for sale. So before the owner sells and retires to a beach community, you gotta try it. The biscuits do the trick for me. You won't find this in any Mexican restaurant so why not give the biscuits a try! They good!


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