Tuesday, March 9

Breakfast Tacos Anyone?

Austin is definitely known for it's breakfast tacos, from a straight up bean and cheese to potato and eggs to a classic migas taco. And now the world may know a little more about why we love our breakfast tacos! A couple of months ago, I had the tough job of representing the Taco Journalism Mafia in an interview with John T. Edge who writes the United Tastes column in the New York Times. Yeah, the NYT! The story tried to crack the Texan/Mexicanism of the breakfast taco. Did he succeed? You be the judge. Check out the story and our little quote...IN THE NEW YORK TIMES!!! YES, I'M YELLING WITH EXCITEMENT!!!

Tacos in the Morning? That's the Routine in Austin

AUSTIN can’t claim taco primacy. That category is too broad, encompassing too many variations in style. When it comes to breakfast tacos, however, Austin trumps all other American cities. Read full story here.

So in honor of the story and breakfast tacos everywhere, I give you the TJ Breakfast Taco list...

Top Breakfast tacos in the ATX

Tacodeli – The Vaquero: Eggs, grilled corn, roasted poblano

& Monterrey Jack Cheese.

Porfirio’s Tacos – Bean and Egg taco

Joe’s Bakery – Bean, Egg and Bacon (bacon is lightly battered and deep fried)

Mi Madre’s – Machacado taco

Luviano’s – Barbacoa taco

La Mexicana Bakery – Chorizo and egg taco

Did I miss any? Tell us about it!

Stay hungry my friends!


Taco Journalist


Unknown said...

Congrats on being quoted in the New York Times, Mando!

Jneece said...

Tamale House - Egg, Bacon, Bean
Taco Deli - Migas Plate (DO IT!)
Central Market - Egg, Avocado, Bean

Michael Tobis said...

I really gp crazy for the migas taco with verde sauce at Kerbey Lane. Not everything at KL is to my taste, but this thing is heavenly. I am just a humble Canadian, but it might even appeal to you authentic types too.

Jc Otero said...

Great NYT read, you should think about doing a coffee table book on the history of the Taco

Anonymous said...

I know you reviewed Ken's Subs Tacos & More but i love that place. Its not authentic but its good consistent food at a great price, and the portions are crazy. i always get the Potato, Egg, Cheese and Bacon tacos. Just don't go there thinking its going to be an authentic Mexican place. its Americanized.

Manders said...

Juan in a Million - The Don Juan

Anonymous said...

My favorite is Dan's hamburgers breakfast tacos. The key ingredient are the potatoes. I need one right now.

Machuca said...


Awesome. Congrats on the mention/quote.


tim said...

Torchy's Monk's Special... gotta love green chiles!


Rudy's egg and chopped beef taco is wonderful (don't get from the quicky-mart/pre-made side though).

Unknown said...

Egg, Potato, Bacon, and Cheese at Dan's Hamburgers! It's way gringo but good.

Jneece said...

Nice recs, y'all!

Cornbiter Deluxe said...

I'm going to agree with the Dan's recco. "Gringo but good!"

tmtx75 said...

I read the times every morning and was appalled when I read that Austin trumps all other cities when it comes to breakfast tacos. Really? As a former Austinite and SanAntonioan for life, I can tell you that San Antonio is the breakfast captiol of the world. Austin needs to stick to its all organic, grown on a local farm persona and leave the purveying of delicious breakfast tacos to the real Texicans.

comment moderation = LAME

Jneece said...

Wow, tmtx75, everything okay? There are enough tacos to go around.

You stay classy!

Jaye Joseph said...

TacoDeli Jess's Special with Doña Salsa is my #1.

austin personal injury lawyer said...

All of these sound delicious. Great list. Glad to see the article in the New York Times.

smooches said...

Fuegos authentican mexican/california cuisine cuisine on north lamar/morrow has awesome tacos and food in general! the breakfast tacos are LOADED and reasonably priced...my fave, chorizo, bean and cheese. BOOM!

Texan after UAE said...

I'll tell you something. I just ran across your blog, and it would be awesome if you brought a "Mexican restaurant " to United Arab Emirates. A REAL Tex-Mex place. You would honestly be a millionaire. We need one. I live in the richest city in the world, Oil Galore. Bring it to Abu Dhabi! look United Arab Emirates up. You'll see it's reigning in restaurants. I would be in Heaven if a good Tex-Mex place came here. Look into it! take a chance!!!! Dubai is the place to be. Ask anyone who's travelled over here. Loving your blog! come visit mine!