Thursday, December 3

One Taco - Zen Taco Truck Madness

One Taco is a new-ish taco truck operating in the parking lot of the Little Woodrow's on West 6th street. One of the previous occupants of that spot was a Torchy's Tacos. So it is understandable that One Taco can't help but echo some of what people like and dislike about Torchy's. It is self-consciously stylish and clean. It is a bit overpriced (the price's don't approach Torchy's levels though). They both use high quality ingredients and neither serves 'traditional tacos'.

The differentiator, then, seems to be in the menu. Torchy's has a sprawling menu with tons of variations. One Taco took a zen-like approach with a minimalist menu: for lunch they serve breakfast, steak or chicken tacos. No crazy tacos named after fake sexual positions are served here. With such a limited menu, those tacos better be awesome.

The steak was broken up into small, pebble-sized bits, covered with white cheese and marinated in a chipotle sauce and served on a flour tortilla. Green salsa was served on the side. It proved to be rather bland. The steak was nice and non-gristley, but the chipotle sauce was lacking in any heat and was rather watered-down. Overall, it was a decent steak taco, but not memorable.

The breakfast taco was serviceable, but done in a style I dislike. The eggs were clearly prepared separately from the bacon with the bacon being added at the end, assembly-line style. While it probably makes for easier assembly, it definitely loses a lot of flavor. I was disappointed.

Finally, I'm not normally a 'bean guy'. I don't see the big fuss. However, in this case, I made an exception and was quite pleased. The beans were nice and smooth, not too thick and not too thin. They had a great consistency and were well complimented by the white cheese. I would definitely order it again.

If you're drinking at Little Woodrow's, One Taco is a serviceable choice for food. Actually, if you are drinking, you'll probably think it is amazing. Just don't go back, sober, expecting Torchy's.

One Taco - 2.5 stars - The Commish
520 West Sixth St.
Austin, TX 78701

NOTE: The review was initially done when they were in the parking lot across from Little Woodrow's.


Optimista said...

"Just don't go back sober, expecting Torchy's." <---LOVE this line. Hilarious! (and true)

Unknown said...

I went tonight and was so upset by how bad it was that I actually googled it to see if I was alone in my opinion of this place. It's one thing for a food joint to not be so great, but to actually irritate me? Another customer in line was schooling his friend from North Carolina about breakfast tacos.... I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs...,"nooooooooooo this isn't a good example at ALL!"

Anonymous said...

I loooove their steak tacos :)
I don't know what you are talking about.

Unknown said...

Man, I am totally drooling.