Wednesday, November 4

Don't ever trust a Flaco!

And I don't mean the skinny hipsters that hang out in the new East 6th Street bars. I'm talking about those distrustful skinny cooks and it seems like Flaco's Cafe y Cantina lives up to it's name.

I stopped by Flaco's this week to meet a friend "who will go un-named for bailing on me" for breakfast. Anyjuaysss. I ordered 2 tacos, one machacado and the other, bean, egg and bacon. As I was waiting for my tacos I had a good scoop of their red salsa. It looked fresh and sausssaay...but to my disappointment, it was worst than Pace Pecante sauce. It was really tomatoey and bland. The tortilla chips weren't the freshest either.

My tacos arrived and to my surprise they were nice and full. Not bad for 2 bucks. I tried the machado or as they described it beef jerky and eggs. It was mostly eggs and tomato and lacked a lot of the carne, making it the blandest machacado I've ever had. Kinda dissapointing. Next up, my Go-2-taco: bean, egg and bacon. The bacon was crispy and thick but again the bland consistency kept creeping up; the eggs and even the beans were pretty tasteless.

I've always passed by Flaco's and I've never been drawn to it. Now I know why.

Flaco's Cafe y Cantina - 1 Star - El Mundo de Mando

Flaco's Cafe y Cantina
3632 S. Congress
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 444-2767


Domonique Jenkins said...

Hi, I am a journalism student at Winchester University. I have recently set up my own blog and got to looking around. Your blogs are quite funny and fresh, I look forward to reading your next post.


Mando Rayo said...

Thanks D!

Nación Rotonda said...

Jajaja, thats what you say! (i´m not the owner, is just my nickname)

Very good blog by the way, I will link to you, but first I will find out which is the best taqueria next to my house