Sunday, June 7

For a good cause, go to Café del Sol - Southwest Key's Taco Joint!

So I finally got around to visit Layla and Southwest Key's social enterprise, Café del Sol. I enlisted two work buddies, Iris and Jackie to go on this taco hike in East Austin. I actually enlisted 3 but the third one bailed on us for a dentist appointment - but who am I to stop a Brit from going to the dentist, right?

We met Layla Fry, who's not only the marketing guru at Southwest Key but is in an all female Mariachi group (see photo for proof!)! She does a a great job at getting people to attend Southwest Key's projects and events. I actually find myself at their events pretty frequently. For months, she's been telling me about Café del Sol's tacos and their their homemade tortillas. So I finally made it out there. I had a migas taco and my favorite combo: eggs, beans and bacon. Considering we saw the cooks make everything by hand, we were off to a good start!

Taco Munching (L2R): Iris, Jackie & Layla

The tortillas, well they were really good! There's nothing like freshly made tortillas to start the morning off right. The migas taco was good, fresh ingredients and the tortilla chips were still crunchy - I do like the crunchies! My frijo-huevo-bacon taco was really good too. Well, y'know it's all in the beans and they did them right! The best part of this taco experience is that the money I spent goes back to their programs. Y'know I'm all about the kids!

Migas y Frijo-Huevo-Bacon tacos

Esmeralda making it fresh!

Café del Sol deserves many visits! Eventhough it's East-East Austin, y'all should check it out. I hear they sell their homemade tortillas by the bag! Check out their online menu, go try them out or have tacos delivered to your office.

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Café del Sol - 4 Stars
6002 Jain Lane
Austin, Texas 78721


Julie said...

Ohh.. everything is so fresh and made by hand!! I really love that place too :)

Coach David said...

I eat there almost everyday and the "Super Roll" Carne Guisada-Bean-and cheese is the best.