Tuesday, January 27

La Mexicana Bakery

While hanging out with some friends late one recent night, I found out that La Mexicana bakery on S. 1st was not only open all night, but would serve you tacos at any time of day or night. Since it was 3:30 am and I was feeling a bit peckish, I decided to investigate immediately, and I'm glad I did.

The first thing I noticed as I approached the counter was a lady operating a small tortilla machine. Hooray, they make their tortillas in-house! My expectations immediately rose.

I ordered two potato, bean and cheese tacos. While I waited, I investigated the 'salsa bar'. It was pretty tired looking, as you might expect at three in the morning. I tasted their standard red salsa, and thought it was ok, if a little mild and not as fresh as it could be.

I got my tacos a few minutes later, and was very pleased. The brand spanking new tortillas were the best thing about them. The beans were also quite tasty and had a nice hearty texture.

I'll have to visit again during the day and try a few of their other offerings, but for taco sustenance in the wee hours, it's hard to go wrong.

La Mexicana Late Night - 3.5 stars - Cornbiter Deluxe
1924 S 1st St (512) 443-6369
Open 24 hrs!


MLB said...

This place is one block from our house and it takes a lot not to go there every week. Other things to consider next trip:

American style chocolate donut - amazing.

The carnitas - when fresh you can buy it by the pound with a bag of those fresh tortillas and have a party at home.

Cornbiter Deluxe said...

That is a fantastic idea. I'm planning a carnitas party for very soon.