Thursday, November 6

Quick Bite: Breakfast Tacos @ Quack's on 38th 1/2

Potato, Egg, and Bean Taco

Quack's has good coffee and they serve great, huge breakfast tacos at their 38th  1/2 St. location. Their pico and salsa is fresh and chunky, they have great tortillas, and no matter what your breakfast taco combo of choice is, you have to get the potatoes. They are crispy, fried, potato strips that add a oh-so-nice texture to a otherwise mushy meal. Their 'Sol Taco' is outstanding and EXTRA HUGE with all the fixins. It may be $3, but you only need one. My favorite taco at Quack's is potatoes, eggs and refried beans. Go early, go often!

Quack's Maplewood Bakery - 4 stars - jarod
1400 E 38th 1/2 St
Austin, TX 78722
(512) 538-1991

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Eric said...

This place is now 'Cherrywood Coffeehouse' and the ingredients are superior. Believe it or not, their crazy hashbrown-frenchfry-potato thing topping got even better.