Wednesday, October 8

Let's talk about Food Baby!

Yesterday, we took part of an interesting discussion panel with Freelance Austin. Jenna Noel (Edible Austin), Addie Broyles (Relish Austin-Austin American-Statesman), and Phil West (Luminaria Media & PR) and I discussed food trends, social networking and getting into the blogosphere and writing world.

L2R: Phil, Addie, Jenna & Mando

It was pretty interesting for me since y'know my background is tacos, not so much writing. The moderator, Laura Mohammad had good questions lined up and we had great audience participation. I got the feeling that people were excited to get something started with their writing or find new opportunities to keep it going. For all you writers and bloggers and people that are interested in what one Mexican has to say, here are my takeaways....

  • New Media (Blogging, FB, MySpace, Twitter, etc.) - These tools are great. Most of them are free; they open doors for you to share your thoughts and ideas and allow you to connect with new people.
  • Food Trends - It's a mix of affordability, freshness and local - check out your nearest farmer's market, cheap taco stand or work on your recipes.
  • Getting your foot in the door - Build relationships and keep it personal.
  • Economy - It's affecting everyone (see food trends) and it may provide opportunities for freelance work!
  • Start your own blog - That's what we did! Find your voice and tell the world!
Y colorin colorado, este cuento se ah acabado!

El Mundo de Mando

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