Wednesday, September 24

TacoJournalism on the Statesman & Docubloggers!

What does it mean when the Statesman and/or other news media comes to us for taco advice? It means that we do a pretty good job at pimping ourselves! But you don't have to take my word for it. Just check out these links...

Peter Mongillo, Features Writer at the Austin American Statesman responds to one of his readers questions...

There doesn't seem to be one restaurant in Austin that specializes in Sonoran-style Mexican food, says Armando Rayo, aka "tacoblogger" El Mundo de Mando on Austin's Taco Journalism blog, However, there are a few Austin restaurants that offer Sonoran-style dishes...Continue Reading.

I also submitted a short (rinky-dink) TacoJournalism video for the Docubloggers competition. Hey, I'm all about wining free stuff!

Domenique Bellavia, Producer of KLRU's Docubloggers comments on our post, "That was a cool video, it’s about time someone starts docublogging about the diversity of tacos in this question is, why a taco over a burrito? Is there a big difference?

Click here to see the video on Docubloggers and to read my response.

Or or or...check out the video now!

El Mundo de Mando

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