Thursday, September 4

I Should have gone to Whataburger ------ Avoid La Palapa!

Today, we were debating if we should hit Mexican or Whataburger. We were on our way to a meeting and they were both conveniently on the way. We decided to go with Mexican (until next time my WB friends) and hit up La Palapa - that hut looking restaurant on the north side of 290. We went for lunch so there was quite the crowd. We sat down and started with the salsa (blah) - too tomatoey, then the chips (ay guay!) they had a lardy filmy taste that stuck with ya all day! So I had to move on to the menu. Yikes! 8-10 bucks for the lunch plates! I know I tend to be cheap but c'mon. Although they did have a lunch special for 6.99 that included 1 taco, 1 rice and 1 beans. Still, way too much for my taste.

I ended up ordering the Tacos Al Carbon plate (which was the same as the Fajita Plate except cheaper). I was pretty suspicious of their carne "al carbon" and to no surprise it was fajita! Yet with NO SABOR...por favooor! They didn't come through with the beans either (too salty) and the rice, way too mushy. My co-workers had chicken tacos and crispy beef tacos and they were disappointed as well. All in all, La Palapa was not a very good taco eating experience. I shall grant them juan estar - the water was good.

La Palapa - 1 Estar
6640 E Highway 290
Austin, TX 78723
(512) 459-8729

El Mundo de Mando

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their queso flameado is excellent