Monday, May 19

Mi Madre's For Breakfast

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Mi Madre's is an East Austin Legend, serving up delicious, authentic mexican food on Manor Road for quite some time. There are a lot of johnny come lately taco vendors on Manor nowadays, but Mi Madre's is still running the show.

I'm especially fond of their breakfast tacos. The Number 0 is usually my weapon of choice. It features eggs, bacon, potatoes and cheese in a nicely grilled flour tortilla. Topped with their delicious red table salsa with it's peppery, vinegary twang, it is the breakfast of champions, and affordable to boot!

While visiting Mi Madre's during our tour with the Fox folks, I took Mando's advice and had a machacado con juevo taco. It was delightful. The dried beef added a fantastic smoky flavor and created some delicious juice as it was hydrated by the eggs and salsa. If you have not tried machacado before, Mi Madre's is an excellent place to start.

The Migas are also terrific. I suggest getting a migas taco to go along with your machacado or #0.

Mi Madre's also serves lunch and dinner, but I have to admit it's been a long time since I've been there for any non breakfast action. This shall soon be remedied.

UPDATE: Helpful commenter, Bryan, says: 'One correction: they don't serve dinner and close at 2:00 p.m. SHARP. I see them turn people away all the time.' Thanks, Bryan!

Mi Madre's - 4 breakfasty stars - Cornbiter Deluxe
2201 Manor Rd
Austin, TX 78722
(512) 322-9721


Anonymous said...

Mi Madre's blows the "johnny come lately" vendor on the corner of Chestnut and Manor out of the water. I live down the street and eat there about once a week.

One correction: they don't serve dinner and close at 2:00 p.m. SHARP. I see them turn people away all the time.

Unknown said...

I know this is an old review, however wanted to say that as of last October (2012) mi Madres expanded in to dinner service, complete with a full bar! Wed-Saturday they are open until 10pm, however, breakfast ends at 3pm and the dinner menu rolls out. Sunday brunch all day until 4pm when they close...still close at 2pm Mon/Tue