Thursday, May 8

Chuco's vs. Chico's: The Smackdown Continues

Taco Journalism's own, El Mundo de Mando, gets quoted in today's Austin American Statesman article about Austin's Chuco's Tacos and the ongoing legal battle with El Paso's Chico's Tacos. You can read all about it here.

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El Chuco Moon Dogs said...

I don't understand why Chico's would file a lawsuit against Chuco's Tacos. It only puts El Paso (El Chuco) in the spotlight. Lord knows we need that here.
There are several restaurants in El Paso that sell the same style tacos only some taste better with better ingredients. That's what Chico's should be worried about. Put better ingredients in your tacos and stop whining. The whole world knows Chico's Tacos.