Friday, April 25

Costa Del Sol: Cameron Road Corridor Vol. 1

Jarod and I decided to make a journalistic run up the Cameron Road Corridor between 51st and 183. There are a zillion taquerias along this stretch of road, so we dug in and got started at the north end.

Costa Del Sol is a Salvadoran/Mexican restaurant at the northeast corner of Cameron and 183. My only experience with Salvadoran food in town up to now has been my longstanding affair with El Zunzal. El Zunzal is an old favorite in my household, and I was really curious how Costa Del Sol would stack up.

I ordered two pupusas (bean and cheese and loroco and cheese) and a taco de carnitas. Everything was very inexpensive, and I noticed that they had the Salvadoran super brew, Regia Extra, on the menu. So far, so good.

The red table salsa was quite yummy with a strong taste of black pepper. As soon as my food arrived, I eagerly placed some on my carnitas taco, and went for it. The result was satisfaction, though not utter delight. I can't help but compare the taco to the carnitas taco at El Zunzal, which features crispier pieces of meat and a more properly grilled tortilla. That said, the taco was quite good.

Next I piled some cortido on top of the pupusa de loroco and got busy. HERE was the utter delight. The light and flavorful corn crust melded so perfectly with the mild cheese, the tart flowers and the piquant pickled cabbage. Perfect bites of food were mine until the pupusa was no more. Suffice it to say this dish is highly recommended. The bean and cheese pupusa was also very yummy, but the loroco was the star of the show.

The menu was chock full of items we were unable to try, and as we left we noticed a gentleman eating a very tasty looking bowl of seafood soup that was overflowing with crabs and mussels and bits of fish. Further investigation is obviously in order.

All in all, I'd have to say that Costa Del Sol ranks just below El Zunzal for me, which is to say excellent. If you live or work anywhere near Cameron and 183, I'd plot a course for the Sun Coast ASAP.

Costa Del Sol - 4 stars - Cornbiter Deluxe
7901 Cameron Rd # 4
(512) 832-5331


Anonymous said...

Mucho Gusto! Reading your site at work in the afternoon never ceases to make me ravenous. I will check out Costa soon. I've been planning to do both a taco stand road trip as well as a bbq road trip with friends for some time. Obviously not at the same time. :0 I'll use your site as a great guide for ideas on where to start.

Catherine Avril Morris said...

Yes! This place is near my house, and I could not agree more. I get regular, deep cravings for the pupusa de loroco y queso that MUST be satisfied. And the pickled cabbage stuff that goes on top... cortido? MMMMM. Love your blog. Keep up the good work.

mortal888 said...

Their Al Pastor tacos are the best I've had in the Austin area, even beating out the Rosaria's Tacos Al Pastor you guys rave about.

My wife loves the fried plantains too.