Thursday, February 7

El Rincon Michoacano

Jarod and I noticed this place had recently opened on Airport Blvd., and decided it was time to drop some journalism on them.

Jarod had a burrito plate that was the definition of average, run of the mill tex-mex. There was nothing wrong with it, but you an get about the same plate for about the same money pretty much anywhere in town.

I tried something a little different. I must admit to having forgotten the exact name of the dish, but it was something like 'enchiladas michoacanas'. I'll remember to bring my notebook next time.

These were some weird enchiladas. To begin with, they were not served hot. They didn't really have anything in them except powdery white cheese, onions, and some kind of chili paste. All in all, I found them to be completely underwhelming. I'm sure part of it is that I'm unfamiliar with the particular style of enchilada, but I did not dig it.

My enchiladas were served with quail, which was a nice treat. The quail was fairly tasty, and was a fun and unusual addition to my lunchtime.

Overall, I'd have to recommend you pass El Rincon M. by on your way to either the tamale house, or the taqueria inside the El Dorado Meat Market (review coming soon!)

El Rincon Michoacano - 2.25 stars - Cornbiter Deluxe


Anonymous said...

Sweet blog man. I miss Austin now. You ever checked out Ken's tacos , they have the best beef and potato breakfast tacos I've had...and for cheap.


Anonymous said...

that top pic is soooo narsty mayne(s). who wants to eat that shite--i'm thinkin' .5 stars

Anonymous said...

Those enchiladas are also known as "Enchiladas Callejeras", sometimes served with fired potatoes and carrots on top. I remeber ordering them on a street corner in Nuevo Laredo as a drunken teen many a nights.

Anonymous said...

I got some breakfast tacos there this morning and they were solid. Potato egg and cheese. Descent salas with some spice. Nasty cheese though. But homemade flour tortillas was excellent.

I ate at the tamale house for the same breakfast just before coming here, it had better cheese but was weaker all in all.