Friday, January 18

My Nightly Snack Fixins

Unfortunately, I don't have a taco truck parked on my front yard. And I'm lazy. This really limits my options at 1am when I'm hungry. Driving is out of the question, but walking to the refrigerator is doable. Most every night, I consume a generous serving of chips and salsa (queso if I'm feeling crazy). Here's what I typically eat:

El Milagro. These are the best chips I've found at the grocery store. They're not the ultra-thin kind, but they aren't the super-thick ones either. They are a nice median. If there are better ones around, I'd love to know.


Sabor! I just discovered this salsa at Central Market (I think you can grab it at some HEBs, too). I love the red. It is fresh-tasting and hot, probably due to the generous amount of serrano peppers in it. I really can't wait until I finish this jar so I can try out their green salsa as well.

Honorable mentions: Ana's and Rose's salsas.


Austin Slow Burn. This queso is good ol' american cheese with green chiles and, apparently, gold cut into it. $6 for queso? Seriously? Still, it is one of my favorites.

Honorable mention: Texafrance

What chips and salsa do you devour at home?

The Commish


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't really buy El Milagro's delicious products at the grocery store. Why not skip the middle man and buy wholesale at their factory. It's on East 6th and everything is much, much cheaper there. Plus, you can buy gigantic bags of chips and tortillas they make fresh everyday. It's cash only though, so bring 5 or 10 bucks and you'll have chips for a month.

The Commish said...

Sweet. I didn't realize I could actually just buy them direct (I knew where the factory was). Thanks for the tip!

Unknown said...

I'd say El Milagro's chips are my second favorite chip. Try Xochitl. Those are amazing. They're a little on the expensive side though, so I usually stick with El Milagro (gotta add salt though) unless I'm trying to impress someone.

Unknown said...

You have to go to Del Rio, Texas and try Julio's chips and salsa!!! the BEST!!!!