Wednesday, December 5

Taqueria La Tapatia = 3 Tacos for under 2 bucks!

Mira, los tacos! Que Sabrosos!

I just found this old school favorite. My friend Emily took me there a while ago. Here's the scoop....

3 Breakfast tacos for a whopping $1.99
Regular Tacos (i.e. carne de res, pollo, barbacoa, fajita, etc) - $1.45
Desayunos for $2.25 and burritos for under 3 bucks!

We had 7 tacos, coffee and a coke for $8.80 and it was pretty good.

Taqueria La Tapatia

So why don't you kick that 3 dollar taco truck habit (y'know the one off S. 1st) and head down to Taqueria La Tapatia. You won't regret it and you'll even have enough change to beat your own high score on Donkey Kong!

Taqueria La Tapatia - 3.75 Estrellas - El Mundo de Mando
1333 W Ben White Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 707-1585

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Laura Roberts said...

My Canadian husband has never eaten anything with meat for only a dollar, so he was mightily impressed with this taqueria. He gives this place 4 stars overall, and the chicken taco itself 4.9 stars.