Friday, December 14

LBJ Likes It Part I: Cisco's

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I had long heard that Cisco's, the venerable east sixth street mexican restaurant and bakery, had been a haunt of Lyndon Johnson and other big time Texas politocos. If these walls could talk!

Digging a little deeper, I found this web page at the official website of the LBJ Library listing some of LBJ's personal favorites including John Wayne, Peanut Brittle, the Battle Hymn of the Republic, and Mexican Food!

Amazingly the three tex-mex joints listed as LBS's faves are all still in business today: Cisco's, El Patio and Matt's El Rancho. We've had a lot of experience with all of these historic Austin institutions, and now look forward to bringing you a three part series on LBJ's faves, starting right now with part one. Cisco's.

Cisco's has a reputation as a breakfast spot, and it is well earned. Their huevos rancheros are amazing. The ranchero sauce is rich and tangy with a nice meaty undertone, and you can get your huevos served with a delicious side of fajitas. Steak and eggs, East Austin style! Another point in favor of Cisco's breakfast is the yummy biscuits they make in house. Nice.

Jarod, the Commish and a few of our compatriots showed up recently to have lunch, and were well satisfied. Everyone was served an amuse-bouche in the form of a cup of delicious, bacony frijoles ala charra. Nothing says lovin' like a free cup of tasty beans before you've even ordered your food!

I had the Carne Guisada lunch plate, and it was very good. The meat was very, very tender, and the gravy, while a touch on the thin side for me, was very tasty. The standard store bought flour tortillas were grilled up really well, and thus had a nice bitey texture.

Overall, Cisco's is worth a visit, especially if you can make it for breakfast to get the huevos rancheros and fajitas, enjoy a biscuit, have some coffee and just bask in the history.

Cisco's - 3.75 stars - Cornbiter Deluxe

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