Thursday, October 11

Taco Journalism wins Best of Austin Award

Our long, hard slog to uncover and journalize the best tacos in Austin is finally paying off. Yes, that is right, we won a "Best Of Austin" award from the Chronicle in a made-up category (Best Way to Find a Decent Taco). We are thrilled.

Our thrill is only slightly dampened by three things:

  1. Where do we hang that banner? We have a blog.
  2. We tied with those magnificent bastards from Taco Town. Taco Town: if you're reading this, we challenge you to a dance off, or a freestyle-rap off, or a pose off, or whatever form of non-violent-but-inspirational competition kids are doing these days (in the movies that is. cup stacking?) You are Gonna Get Served! But Seriously, congrats Taco Town, you're good people. Let's get drunk together soon!
  3. The Chronicle got it wrong. We like Sex AND Tacos. At the same time. They're not mutually exclusive. We hear Sting practices it as well.
Read our "Best of Austin" blurb here.


Hazmat Is Fun said...

The Chronicle is never perfect. Hell, I can never figure anything after their top 12.

You serve all of us who live for good, high quality and inexpensive mexican food. Thank you.

I wish I was as good as you in that I would like to make the influence you have made on Austin culture. Please don't move and please tell us all.

And your a Porfiro's fan. I love that place. I've been eating there for over 20 years. Goodness we are so blessed in Austin.

Mando Rayo said...

thanks! we love tacos and we love to share...especially if its good and cheap!


Unknown said...

I think you should settle it with Taco Town in a good ol' fashioned taco eatin contest of course...

Mando Rayo said...

do you guys go outside the fajita taco, minus the espices and chile! you don't even know tha kind of tacos i can eat. tacos de gato, tacos de tripitas de moyote, oh yeah, bring it on cleetus!