Wednesday, September 19

That's One Hell of a Burrito

Wells Dunbar over at the The Austin Chronicle's Chronic Blog has alerted us to some very interesting news. To commemorate 'Dia de La Raza' Casa Chapala and Austin area volunteers are attempting to set the World Record for the World's Largest Burrito and in the process make some money for the Boys & Girls club and other charities. Read all about it here.

Casa Chapala should not be confused with Taqueria Chapala. Casa Chapala is in North Austin, offers a lunchtime 'all you can eat taco bar', and appears to be run by some folks from Washington state. They also appear to hold the current world record for largest burrito, which they will try to eclipse on October 13th. VERY interesting.

You can be sure that your friends at will visit Casa Chapala soon and let you know what's what.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link – I stopped by the Chapala website and got a very Pancho's-esque vibe (and not in a good way either).

You know, the worst Mexican meal I ever had was in Washington, in Seattle at some local sit-down chain – I ordered a chile relleno and got a lukewarm, slimy chile dusted in chili powder and wrapped in a fried egg, like a goddamn omelette. Absolutely disgusting.

Cornbiter Deluxe said...

Indeed, the menu at does not inspire confidence, but I'm going to trek out there and find out for sure!