Friday, July 27

Homer would love Chico's Tacos!

It's 3 in the morning, ur buzzy, hungry and have visions of "glow in the dark" green salsa with your Chico's Tacos, born and made in El Paso, Texas aka El Chuco, circa 1953. You have to get at least a double order with extra cheese, no doubt. To most people from the El Paso area, Chicos Tacos is a staple just like the donut is to Homer...mmm donuts, mmmm...Chico's. These tacos are not your run of the mill tacos, in fact some might call them mini flautas. The taco's are rolled & filled with some type of mystery meat and of course the special "runny" sauce, tomato that is. Its a good mix of tomato and chile and deliciousness. The best way to eat them is to add the green chile that accompanies the tacos, about two to three little cup-fulls. Try to scoop them up with your plastic fork before they become soggy, once the oh so good sogginess hits, you kinda have to launch at them with your mouth wide open right before they slip off your flimsy fork. The green chile, the mystery meat, the rolled corn tortillas, the cheese...the flavor flaves just explode in your mouth! Que rico y lleno de SABOR! Chico's Tacos can also be enjoyed during the day, at family picnics (listening to cumbias and low-rider oldies) and only in El Paso!

Chico's Tacos (disclaimer: may not be suitable for vegetarians)
El Paso, TX
Cinco (5) Estrellas, yo!

This has been an excerpt from Sopapilla Wishes & Enchilada Dreams


Nathan Black said...

Maybe the disclaimer should read: may not be suitable for people uncomfortable with not knowing what is in their food.

But I agree, it is wonderful. The only thing worth visiting in El Paso, really.

Anonymous said...

it's not the only restaurant worth eating at in el paso, nathan.

but yea...i crave that shit everyday.

Anonymous said...

It is MOST DEFINITELY not the only restaurant worth visiting in El Paso. What about Leo's? The Mexican Elder?
.......making myself hungry.....

Anonymous said...

Not the best and not the worst flautas I've ever had... I dont know why people keep going there it isnt anything special except for the historical aspect and its open really late.

Anonymous said...

Forget this dog food yo. Go to Juaritos and eat some Burritos Tony cabrones.

Unknown said...

I LOVE Chico's! It's yuuuuummy. It's not for the faint of heart. Kind of like an El Pasoan!

Thanks, Nathan!