Wednesday, May 10

Taqueria Arandas #3

Taqueria Arandas #3 lies near the intersection of North Burnet and Koeing near the Allendalites in North Central Austin. Arandas #3 is a thing of beauty consistently dishing out some of the best Mexican food in the ATX. At our most recent visit Cornbiter and myself indulge on some of our favorites.

Fajita Burrito served with a Taco al Pastor (will now be referred to on this blog as 'Old faithful')

The kitchen is always on point at Arandas #3 and the waitstaff is prompt and courteous. Here we see the combo to beat all combos, the Fajita Burrito add Avocado served along side a Taco al Pastor. The Burrito filling was gooey and delicious and went well with the lightly grilled flour tortilla. It wasn't overfilled so it made for easy eating. The Al Pastor was seasoned perfectly and grilled to perfection.

Two Pastor's w/ One 'Other' Taco

Cornbitter Deluxe chose to munch on The Taco Trifecta this trip. The Al Pastor's were piled high with tons of onions and cilantro and as always served with fresh limes and an excellent red salsa.

Half of Beef Fajita Burrito con Aguacate

5 Stars - jarod

Taqueria Arandas
(512) 452-9886
6534 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78757


Austin Explorer said...

I think you're a little too generous with TA. (5 stars?) I found my burrito to be greasy and unimpressive. Being from California, I guess I've been spoiled. I've learned that burritos are much more of a Cali-Mex thing while tacos are more of a Tex-Mex thing. Burritos in California don't usually come with lettuce or even tomatoes (except in the salsa.) Nice blog, Jarod!

Anonymous said...

This place is great for breakfast tacos and okay for lunch. For the price, 5 stars for lunch, but it's not the best food. It's a bit greasy at times, and the ingredients aren't highest quality. The place is so cheap, and salsa is great, I totally reccomened it.
I dig tacojouranlism.

Lee said...

Arandas is such a great asset to my neighborhood. Next time you're there, if you can stand to stray from tacos: Get the house special, the carne asada. It's wonderful. Perfectly grilled meat.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god. Thank you for this site, and in particular for mentioning Taqueria Arandas #3. I hit up today and grabbed a fajita burrito and two pastor tacos. This burrito, I've been looking for it for a decade. I'm a San Diego expat, and had given up all hope of ever finding baja style burritos in Austin, but this is almost exactly a Roberto's/Royberto's/Aliberto's/etc Mixed burrito made the way god intended. This is much more convenient than making a yearly pilgrimage to socal...

Anonymous said...

We ain't in California anymore, quit comparing em.

Great to find your site. I've been a Porfirio's and Arandas fan for awhile, don't get to either of them as often as I would like. Two #7s at Porfirio's and the barbacoa at Arandas. Will have to try your other top ranked spots, as our taste must be very similar.

Give me a break, Torchy's #1, you got to cross I35 baby.

Oh yeah, Habanero's best lunch deal in town!!

Anonymous said...

To the guy from California - pound sand. You have not been spoiled by tacos or burritos there. The Jack-in-the-box special doesn't hold water.

Anonymous said...

San Diego has the best Mexican food, specifically Baja style in the world. Tex Mex sucks, even Northern California can't compare, the worse is all these b.s. chains posing as the real deal. Texas-take back all that Tex Mex-franchised food crap, we don't want it.

Anonymous said...

Stay classy San Diego!

Paul Cz said...

I found your website looking for some good taco trucks to go and visit and this was right near work so I grabbed some mates and headed down there.

The food was mediochre at best. between us we had barbacoa, lingua and pastor tacos. The pastor was passable, the barbacoa and lingua was super dry and had very little taste to it.

No sauces were provided except for the weak salsa that came with the cornchips.

Very dissappointed.

Anonymous said...

Hands down the Best Barbacoa in Austin

Anonymous said...

I've been going to this one for years and I'm addicted. If I go on a Monday, I regret that I already used up my Aranda's token by Tuesday. An Al Pastor Burrito w/ a spoon full of cool salsa on top is a piece of heaven.